Some exciting stuff has been going on lately! I guess you could say we’ve been working on laying down our roots (see what I did there ha!). I started Chosen in November of 2019…yes, it is very new. It has been the most rewarding and most challenging adventure yet. Starting a company can be quite scary because everything is riding on your shoulders. All my business owners out there know this all too well right? However, the scare does not really compare to the joy it brings to watch it get off the ground. Every little step forward makes me giddy. Just ask my husband Ha! I tend to call him just to say, “Whoa, I met the most talented photographer today!” or “Whoa, I learned how to create a form online.”(Yes, sometimes even the simplest victories are worth celebrating for me.) I’m so thankful for his support and his listening ear. I’m sure he wonders why I call to tell him such small details, but he always matches my excitement. I am thankful for that and for Him!

I knew from the beginning that I would learn something new every day , and so far…I was right.

I am constantly learning new, better ways to run a business. I learn new ways to serve my brides and grooms. I learn that there is so much to LEARN! But how exciting is that. I’d hate to stop learning. Lately, I have been learning an immense amount about Branding. As someone that doesn’t have a background in marketing, I hate to admit that I did not know much in the way of branding, nor how important it was for your business roots. 

I started touring venues…trying to get my name out there…and ran across a beautiful space that had equally beautiful marketing materials. I was amazed! They strongly suggested getting in contact with the ladies from Brides of Oklahoma, who I learned also own Brandlink Media. They could not speak more highly of what the branding process had done for their company, and I must say I was thoroughly intrigued. I thought…I want my company to stand out like this. I want it to be cohesive and look like I went the extra mile. I am pretty sure there is something psychological to all of it. If it looks like you went the extra mile, then viewers will know that you are willing to go the extra mile for them.

I reached out the next week, and was greeted by the most amazing, talented, and kind women. They quickly brought me in to explain the process, and I could tell they knew what they were talking about. I said, “sign me up.” I was all in! Let me tell you…it has been the best investment yet. They are so talented and understand what it takes to build a brand. They asked the right questions and gathered those roots I was talking about before. They took all of my ideas and pulled them into one cohesive brand that I absolutely LOVE!

Chosen Event Design + Planning

There are two fun examples that I think have to be mentioned. One is the mark above Chosen in the logo. If you look closely there are two little white rings that encircle the “C.” Those are tree rings yall! Trees are one of my favorite things…It could be that they quite literally have Roots (like my last blog post stated)! There is something so comforting about them and the many symbols they become. It was very important to me to include a tree in my brand, and the ladies of Brandlink knew how to creatively make it happen and look good doing it. The second is the small dot or circle below the “O” in the word Chosen. It is meant as a creative spin on including a wedding ring in the actual logo. Like what? How did they come up with this? I really cannot say enough about Brandlink Media/Brides of Oklahoma and their ability to take a string of ideas and pull it into one BEAUTIFUL brand! They are truly outstanding.

I thought it would be fun to share with you the story behind this new brand you’ve been seeing pop up. I knew I wanted Chosen to match me and the message I wanted to send to viewers. I wanted people to know I’m willing to go the extra mile for them and that I don’t just say something….I do it! I feel like this whole branding process has made that a reality. Thank you ladies for all of your help! Stay tuned for more fun things to come!


Sending love,


Root: the basic cause, source, or origin of something.

This word holds so much significance to Chosen. Before embarking on an adventure, I like to ask myself…“what is my purpose here?” That may sound like an overly dramatic question, but I mean it with complete sincerity. What is my purpose in this decision? I like to ask this because if I don’t know why I am doing something, then I think it is difficult to know how, where, when, and I think you catch my drift hehe! The purpose becomes the root I like to remind myself of daily so that I can remember the larger picture. We all know how easy it is to lose sight of our perspective when we are consumed by the daily tasks of life. I think a daily reminder of the larger picture and the basic root is the trick to holding steadfast.


When I asked myself this important question, my answer was LOVE, TRUTH, and CHRIST! Those were the roots, the basic source, that I wanted to build this company on. Those three were my answers because I believe when everything is stripped away, He is what matters. He is where I find my purpose, so I believe He should be the base of all my adventures…including Chosen. AND he is love and truth. Whoa that’s good!!


The very name of this company came about because we know that God has Chosen us to be His children. I cannot think of a more exciting truth. He Chose us!! This truth makes me want to scream praises at the top of my lungs. I thought making that truth the very name of this company would be that daily reminder I needed and that it would be a reminder for all of those who came in contact with it.


You may be thinking “that is great, but why event design and planning?” Such an amazing question. Honestly, I did not know that Chosen would exist one day. I was set on a different path…one leading to being an art therapist. I loved that path…still do. However, while on my journey, I found myself falling in love with another direction. It is funny how we can think God is saying go this way, but maybe he just wanted you to go in that way so you’d find this other direction He had for you all along. Do you know what I mean? I just love how He works. I started work as an event planner while in school and fell in LOVE with it! I liked how I could use my creativity and organization to bring a time of fellowship into motion for other people. I’ve always loved being behind the scenes, serving others, and this job allowed me to do that. I could work hard and dream big all while serving others, seemed like a dream job to me. So after many prayers…much contemplation…and amazing advice from the most fabulous mentor, I decided event design and planning was the direction I wanted to travel, not to mention the one I felt called to walk. So here I am!


If you are reading this and you are a soon to be bride/groom, a young person longing to be married, or even a married person, it is important to know why Chosen loves specific events like weddings. We believe that aside from choosing Christ, the next biggest decision of this life is…what human do we Choose to walk out this life with? Choosing your spouse is a gigantic, exciting decision because they become your partner. They help lead you to the cross. They make you laugh. They see you through His eyes. They do your laundry hehe! They go on crazy adventures with you. Marriage is just such a beautiful journey. Not perfect, but beautiful. So what better celebration to be a part of than a wedding? We LOVE weddings and what they symbolize. We LOVE love and witnessing the joy it brings. We LOVE serving you and letting you enjoy this very special season. All in all, we know God loves weddings and marriage, so we LOVE them too. We consider it a privilege to rejoice alongside you at what God is doing, at what He is joining together.


So whether it be a large wedding, a small baby shower, or a family reunion, Chosen strives to remember it’s roots: Love, Truth, and Christ. We like to love on the people He places before us, and speak Truth into every situation. This is what keeps us going. He is the one who gives us purpose. What a joy it is to be called Chosen!!


Sending love,